100-hr teacher training

in trauma sensitive yoga

Directed by Laura Gomez, Franzi Boehm and Eleonora Ramsby Herrera

Yoga alliance accredited as continuous professional development

Who is this training for?

Trauma sensitive yoga is a form of yoga that has been adapted towards the needs of survivors of trauma. Trauma sensitive yoga offers the possibility to facilitate healing through the body. It aims to develop an awareness of the mind-body connection and to build self-regulation skills to address the ways in which trauma is held in the body. 


Unique to trauma sensitive yoga is it's teaching methodology which applies specific methods towards creative a safe and inclusive learning environment where the practitioner can work, through the body, towards healing and personal growth.

What is trauma sensitive yoga?

We believe in learning from experience and through relationships. During the training weekends you will work both individually and in groups, conducting task-based exercises under the guidance and supervision of the course director. The weekends include a balanced mix of theory and practice, group discussions and personal reflections.

In between the training weekends you will be assigned your own study buddy to help keep you on track with your learning and to re-cap and consolidate your learning further. To support you, you will receive access to an online-library with further learning resources. 

What are the effects?

Research suggests trauma-sensitive yoga can be considered as an adjunct mental health treatment in the context of trauma and serves as an effective complement to traditional psychotherapy.  Furthermore, trauma-sensitive yoga has been associated with:

  • Significant reductions in post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety and dissociative symptomatology 

  • A greater capacity for present-moment awareness 

  • Less self-judgment and self-criticism and cultivation of more self-acceptance 

  • Increased skills of self-regulation and stress management 

  • Greater awareness and tolerance for one’s emotional states and bodily sensations

  • Improved emotional and physical well-being and vitality

  • A greater sense of peaceful embodiment and empowerment of one’s body and mental states i.e. feeling more in charge of one’s body and how to move, use and treat it.

Course content

The training counts as continuous professional development with Yoga Alliance and is comprised of four sections. The four sections combined offer a training that cover psychological difficulties that are induced by trauma.


We interweave clinical and theoretical research based information on trauma and trauma sensitive yoga to raise awareness on the subject. Supervised clinical work experience helps to promote practice based experience in teaching trauma sensitive yoga to vulnerable groups. You will be responsible for developing your own teaching project and/or finding your own work placement. Logged teaching hours are required.





Learning outcomes

We offer simple and effective applications on how to practically integrate this knowledge in your profession as a yoga teacher. You will learn,


  • Trauma theory: What trauma is and different ways that it can be manifested

  • The somatic and neurophysiological impact of trauma on the survivor

  • Domains of impairment that are associated with trauma 

  • The theory and practice of interoception and embodiment

  • How to lead interoceptive practices in class to cultivate body awareness

  • The use of invitational language to facilitate a safe environment for your students 

  • A selection of yoga postures specific to trauma sensitive yoga

  • How to facilitate trauma sensitive yoga classes to vulnerable groups

  • Teacher responsibilities, ethics and professional boundaries

  • The benefits and risks of trauma sensitive yoga

  • Published research on trauma sensitive yoga and its effects

LYI faculty

This 100-hr CPD training is facilitated by the faculty of Lisbon Yoga Institute. The teaching team consists of a psychologist and psychotherapist; a trauma sensitive yoga therapy teacher and sexual violence expert; and, a senior yoga teacher trainer.

  • Franzi Boehm, psychologist and psychotherapist, MBPSS / BACP, https://www.franziskaboehm.co.uk/ 

  • Laura Gomez, independent sexual violence advisor & Trauma Centre trauma sensitive yoga facilitator

  • Eleonora Ramsby Herrera, senior yoga teacher trainer, BA, MA, PhD Candidate.

Accreditation and certification

Upon completion of the course you will receive a 100-hr CPD certificate from the Lisbon Yoga Institute that qualifies you as a facilitator in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. You can use your CPD certificate to upgrade your teacher development hours with Yoga Alliance.  

Dates & price

Due to COVID-19 this course has been postponed. Dated TBA.

1200 euros inc. IVA

Deposit 300 euros upon registration. Remaining balance can be paid in full or in three instalments.

Rua do Conde 45, 1200-608 Lisbon, Portugal

+351 925 654 758

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