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we teach hatha yoga

Each class follows a specific theme and is made up of seamless logical movement sequences with a philosophical undertone.


Yoga open is a class where the teacher creatively designs their own focus of the class. Each class is unique and follows the style of the teacher. Yoga open offers a whole-body experience and consists of an intelligent, seamless movement sequence with postures that cultivate strength, flexibility, balance and calm. 

Open for all levels 


Yoga strength is a class that builds muscular strength and stability with the purpose to support your shoulders, spine and pelvis. The class follows a progressive and logical sequence of  postures that strengthen the major muscle groups in your upper and lower body. Postures are held longer to build full-body strength, stamina and graceful control.

Open for all levels


Yoga flexibility safely helps to increase your muscle flexibility and joint mobility. The class focus on gradually stretching the body in a slow and controlled way, together with the breath, to help release tension. Mobility exercises for the joints and myofascial release where we use trigger balls to massage tight muscles will be part of the class as well.

Open for all levels 


Yoga balance teaches you the necessary techniques and skills to balance more confidently. The class focus on developing muscular strength, awareness of shifting the weight and working with one's center (torso and pelvis) to find steadiness and ease when balancing either on the feet, hands or when going up-side-down on your head.  

Experience recommended due to inversions


Yoga dynamic flow offers a sequence of movements that flow continuously in synchronisation with the breath. The yoga movements combine strength, flexibility and balance offering a whole-body experience. The pace of this class is slightly quicker than average meaning less time for attention to detail and rest,  more focus on moving in a flow and building up heat and stamina. 


Experience recommended due to pace of class


Yoga restorative is a restful and gentle class that takes things slow. The practice includes conscious breathing, deep relaxation,  comfortable and mild stretches that are supported by blankets, bolsters, blocks and belts. This is followed by a guided meditation to help calm and clear the mind and nervous system. A good way to wind down and recover your energy and focus. 

Open for all levels

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