Flow, Energise, Empower

This uplifting practice is for those who wish to enhance their energy and spirits for the week ahead. Wake up and flow through your morning at a steady pace, while connecting your movement with your breath through a creative sequence of yoga postures. This spirit- lifting vinyasa flow class is designed to empower and energise your body and mind with the aim to prepare you for the week.


Open for all levels.


Awaken, Inspire, Transform

This balancing morning practice has a slower pace for those who like to start their morning in a gentle, yet effective way. Through combining postures, breath-work and meditation we will work on mobilising stagnant energies and bringing body and mind into balance to inspire you to approach your day ahead in a centred and focused way.


Open for all levels.


Nourish, Balance, Restore


This practice is for you who wishes to recover your body and mind after a days active work. A slow-paced yoga class that includes a combination of  yoga movements to stretch and strengthen your body in a relaxing and calm way. The class aims to support your overall well-being and leave your whole body feeling energised and restored.

Open for all levels.


Vigour, Flow, Heat


This class is aimed for you who wants a vigorous and mindful workout for body and mind. We will practice yoga movements that combine strength, flexibility and balance, in synchronisation with the breath. The pace of this class is slightly quicker than average with less time for attention to detail and rest. The session aims to leave you feeling strong and refreshed.

Some experience needed.


Flow with Power, Rest, Release

This class is aimed to you who wish to have a complete work-out for body and mind. After flowing through a dynamic vinyasa sequence in the first part of the class, we will transition into a calmer pace that includes slower stretches, restorative relaxation and stillness to release excess stress and tension. The class aims to inspire you to feel refreshed, rested and restored.


Some experience needed.


Precision, Technique, Rigour


This class is taught by senior teacher Eleonora Ramsby Herrera and it is aimed towards you who wish to improve your asana technique and strengthen your bodily awareness. We will explore a variety of yoga postures at a slower pace with an emphasis on attention to detail. The classes are creative, powerful yet calm and tailored to teach you a safe and sophisticated practice that lasts a lifetime.


Open for all levels.


Relax, Rewind and Energise

This class is taught by senior teacher Eleonora Ramsby Herrera and it is aimed towards you who wish to alleviate stress. We will explore a variety of yoga postures that help to relax and de-stress both body and mind. Gentle breathing exercises and a guided meditation is included in the practice. 

Open for all levels.

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