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For Yoga Teachers: Self-Care Part 2

The stress that yoga teachers are facing in light of Covid-19, both personally and professionally, is high. Despite this, yoga teachers continue to show up to do their job by providing a (mostly virtual) space to support the wellbeing in others. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that yoga teachers apply sustainable coping strategies to ensure they can maintain their workload while also caring for the upkeep of their own wellbeing.

This blog article is part two of three, of Self-Care for Yoga Teachers in Light of Covid-19. The last two articles in this series will suggest some basic coping strategies that aim to support yoga teachers’ wellbeing while they continue to provide their services to students. Rather than presenting yoga teachers with a “how to list”, these two articles invites the yoga teacher to take a more in-depth and reflective approach to inspire them towards developing their own sustainable coping strategies.

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