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Guided Meditation: To Rest in the Seat of the Self

Meditation does not have to be so serious and complex - we can keep things simple, light-hearted and gentle. Overcomplicating things can be off-putting, instead let the practice speak for itself and the rest will fall into place. If the practice is not for you - try something different.

Here is a free meditation for you. It's available online until May 10th. The title is inspired from my teachers Don and Amba Stapleton whose interpretation of the Sanskrit word Asana was "to sit in the seat of the self".

Often the word Asana is translated into "posture". We can take this word to capture and represent how we hold and carry ourselves throughout life. The yoga posture is a posture in the smallest sense. The posture of our own self as a whole, offers a far bigger perspective and meaning on the word Asana.

This meditation aims to support you in resting in your own asana, and becoming more comfortable with yourself - exactly as you are.


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