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Yoga as Healing - A Trauma Sensitive Approach

The benefits of yoga are multi-fold. The power of the practice is carried by the intention we bring to it. Yoga can be done for various purposes and serve different effects. Our deep seated purpose of sharing yoga at the Institute lies in cultivating the healing potential that this practice can offer.

Between June-November 2020 we are holding a 100-hr Trauma Sensitive Yoga teacher training with studio director Eleonora Ramsby Herrera and psychologist and psychotherapist Franziska Boehm and trauma and sexual violence expert Laura Gomez. If you'd like to learn more about how yoga can be applied to support the well-being and personal development when working with vulnerable groups, then this training offers theoretical and practical information on how to safely build a solid teaching practice around that intention. For more info and registration follow this link.

If you're curious about trauma adapted yoga then you can have a little peak at this online 9-week trauma adapted yoga programme developed by yoga teacher Josefin Wikström. Between Josefin, medical doctor Elin Anna Marie and myself there are a selection of yoga videos that you can choose from, taught by the three of us. If you use Josefin´s campaign code “WIKSTROM” you get 30-days unlimited access (non-bidning) to Yogobe’s online yoga platform where you can access this programme. Click here to get to the programme page!


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