Ulrika Mertens

"For me, yoga is a method to create body awareness and connect to other beings"

Always interested in body work and art, Ulrike has a background in oriental dance. She was drawn to Yoga because of health benefits and also philosophical topics which are still an interesting contrast to her office job.
A huge interest in other cultures and learning languages got her to start travelling in 2015. She thereby started her inner explorative journey and finally arrived in Lisboa in 2018 where she currently lives. Yoga for her was an opportunity to meet likeminded people in new
locations and to exchange and grow into a small family.

Ulrike enjoys both a dynamic approach to yoga which can involve a freer flow that allows the
student to “let go and feel free” but also the complete opposite whereby the student slows
down to relax and be aware of the body completely. Ulrike focuses on alignment and
awareness to the body and she believes that our body can tell us in every situation what it
exactly needs.

Katrin Heigel

"For me, yoga is connecting with oneself – physically and mentally"

Katrin grew up on her parents’ farm in Bavaria / Germany. She went out early to explore the world and its miracles. Katrin loves travelling to new countries and to experience new cultures. At the same time, she loves the comfy feeling of being home again. By working in a business environment, she soon noticed the necessity to reduce physical and mental tension in order to not get lost in the rush of demanding times. This together with the wish for a healthy, but non-dogmatic lifestyle brought her to yoga.

Katrin likes the variation between physically demanding sequences and slow flows. Feeling grounded and relaxed she

ends all sessions with a grateful smile. She is eager to share this positive spirit with you in her classes.

Christina Putz

" For me yoga is an incredible journey, a perfectly imperfect practice, that brings us closer to ourselves while allowing our consciousness to expand."

After feeling the life changing effects of yoga on her own body and mind, Christina was fascinated with the physical and spiritual practice of yoga. Christina fully immersed herself into teaching yoga after completing her Teacher Training within the Yoga Alliance in London in 2019 and moved to Lisbon to continue her journey.

Christina is truly passionate about sharing the transformative power of yoga. Her heartfelt mission is to empower her students, to make them feel good about themselves and their practice, and to encourage them to translate the teachings of yoga from the mat into their everyday life.

She is truly passionate about going beyond the Asana and introducing yoga philosophy and spirituality into her teaching. By creating a safe and nourishing space, Christina wishes to connect with each and every one of her students.

In Christina’s class you can expect to find alignment, move with power and come to a place of stillness in both body and mind. She continues to be a lifelong student of the practice of yoga.

Camila Ferraro

" For me yoga is bigger than the body practice. It is actually a non-body experience in its higher level.

Camila started practicing yoga more than a decade ago and from the beginning it became an important part of her life. Coming from dance, body movement always made sense to her, but it was with yoga that she really understood how movement in the body can bring stillness to the mind. As well as an overall special feeling of well-being. This made her want to understand more about it.

After exploring different styles of this practice with various teachers, in different countries, from Iyengar to Ashtanga, she found the style she chose to deepen herself into and it became her field of study and later her choice of Yoga Teacher Training. That was one style of Hatha Yoga rooted in the Anusara system, which unifies a life affirming philosophy together with principles of body alignment. The physical and philosophical aspects of it just made sense to her. And she started to teach very organically since people started to ask her to do so, while still not seeing it as her job.

An accident that ended up making her having a knee surgery — and a very long and hard recovery — made her realize how important physical movement was to maintain a functional pain-free body and a healthy, and therefore happy, life. And that was something she wanted to spread to others. So from that point she became devoted to teaching. 

Bret Carr

Bret grew up in small town USA and has lived in Europe, Africa, and both coasts of the US. He started practicing yoga in Boston in 2009, and has been hooked ever since. Starting with Baptiste Yoga, and exploring many different styles across the world, Bret has a love for connecting movement with breath and finding grace in challenging situations.


Bret started teaching in 2016 and received his yoga teacher training certification in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2017. Since then he has taught at various studios in the Bay Area and around the globe supporting students from beginner to advanced. His teaching style is mindful, smooth, and powerful, focusing on alignment and supporting students to build strength, focus, and grace while moving through their yogic journeys.


Bret moved to Lisbon in 2019, and in his free time enjoys hiking, camping, dancing, eating yummy Portuguese cuisine, slacklining, swimming in the ocean, and volunteering at his neighborhood food bank in Benfica.

Rua do Conde 45, 1200-608 Lisbon, Portugal

+351 925 654 758

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