Yoga Nidra Teacher Training


30-hr Yoga Alliance Accredited

Directed by Jennie Wadsten and Melanie Cooper

9-11 October, 2020

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra literally means “Yogic Sleep” but it’s not about sleeping – it’s about exploring different states of consciousness so we can wake up. You could say this is the first paradox relating to Yoga Nidra. As in Yoga in general there are many paradoxes when talking about Yoga Nidra – when one statement is true but the opposite is also true. So Yogic Sleep is about awakening.

It’s a form of meditation we normally do lying down. When we are lying down it’s easier to access that ‘in between’ state between waking and sleeping. There are times when lying down is not possible or comfortable so then it can be done supported in a comfortable seated position.

Who is this training for?

We recommend that you have done a 200 hour teacher training (any style) but it’s not necessary: let us know if you haven’t and we will look into what other experiences you have. You can also attend the course for your own self inquiry only: no need to put the pressure on yourself to teach if you don’t want to.

The intention is to give you, as a teacher, more tools, to broaden your teaching skills as well as your target groups. Perhaps you have done a training in a dynamic yoga style and would like to add a slow style to your teaching menu as well?

What do we cover?

  • A non-dogmatic approach. We will cover the main techniques and modern schools of Yoga Nidra and what they offer. You’ll get the chance to compare and explore different methods to see which works the best for you. 

  • Yoga Nidra scripts. Online resources: You’ll get ready made scripts in different methods. Together we will also explore and develop a treasure trove of ideas and scripts for teaching your own yoga nidra – as well as incorporating it in your own practice. 

  • The structure A detailed look at each stage of the practice; the intention behind it and how it affects the body and mind.

  • Modifications. Contra-indications. How to adapt your teaching for different students 

  • Basic science of Yoga Nidra. Brainwaves, Hypnagogia, Basic anatomy of the brain, states of consciousness

  • History and Philosophy

  • Stress

  • Your own practice

Accreditation and certification

This training is accredited with Yoga Alliance and counts towards your continuous professional development hours with Yoga Alliance. Upon completion of the course you will receive a 30-hr certificate that you can use to register your hours with Yoga Alliance. 

Want more information?

For more info, registration and contact visit

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+351 925 654 758

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