Teacher mentorship

6-month programme

individual applications

6-month mentorship programme

for yoga teachers

Supervised by Eleonora Ramsby Herrera 

Yoga alliance accredited as continuous professional development

Who is this training for?

Recently qualified yoga teachers who wish to develop themselves professionally and gain first hand teaching experience in a studio environment under supervision of course director Eleonora Ramsby Herrera.  

What is the purpose of this


This is an in-house training that we offer through the Lisbon Yoga Institute. The purpose of this program is for you to gain a first hand work experience of teaching yoga in a studio environment along with supervision and mentoring from experienced yoga teachers. 


If you have recently graduated from a 200-hr yoga teacher training then this mentorship programme can serve as a transitional bridge between learning how to teach yoga - to actually teaching yoga. If you graduated as a yoga teacher a while ago and have “fallen off the wagon” and wish to get into it again, then this could be a great chance to build momentum again and gain your confidence back in teaching. 


Furthermore, our mentorship programme wish to create a community of teachers that offers professional support whereby teachers can contribute with and draw from collective knowledge, insight and experience from each other.

Programme & content





What is required by you

  • Participate in a 3-hr induction workshop (3 contact hours)

  • Attend and logg a minimum of 30 hours of classes at LYI

  • Receive one monthly 60-min supervision meeting with Eleonora via skype or in person (6 contact hours)

  • Participate in one workshop for LYI teachers to connect, reflect, share work experience and ask questions. (5 contact hours)

  • Obtain first hand work experience by teaching once a week at the Lisbon Yoga Institute under supervision of course director.

  • Observe and assist one class per week at LYI under supervision of course director Eleonora (26 contact hours)

  • We ask that you complete a 1-page teaching report to document and follow your progress every month.

  • You are required to have a professional liability insurance as a freelancing yoga teacher. 

  • You are required to have a first aid training certificate 

  • As a teacher mentee you receive 50% discount on the classes at LYI during the duration of your course.

Learning outcomes

  • Increased ability to analyse class structures and sequences as well as composing your own

  • Improved awareness of how to apply hands-on-adjustment both as a teacher assistant as well as a lead teacher when teaching your own classes.

  • Knowledge of how to guide a room full of students with clear teaching instructions and accurate timing

  • Ability to reflect and integrate your own ethical values into your role as a teacher and in the context of the student-teacher dynamic.

  • Increased awareness of use of language and how to increase the efficiency, clarity and inclusivity of your teaching instructions.

  • 26 hours of first hand teaching experience + 26 hours of assisting experience to serve towards your development as a more confident and experienced teacher.

Accreditation and certification

After completing the mentorship programme you will receive a 40-hr CPD diploma which include your contact hours with course director Eleonora.

Continuous professional development (CPD) is a scheme which you can use to upgrade your teaching hours with Yoga Alliance. You can read more about it here. 

Application process

We accept 4 teacher mentee’s per year.


Applications are accepted on an individual basis. For your application, we ask for you to send us a 1-page personal letter that explains why you wish to partake in this programme, what you wish to develop as a teacher and what you think you can contribute with to this process. 


Attach your CV and your yoga teacher certificate to your application and e-mail it to info@lisbonyogainstitute.com.


700 euros inc. VAT paid in one or two instalments.

Rua do Conde 45, 1200-608 Lisbon, Portugal

+351 925 654 758

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